A Day in the Life at fuelsrv

Everyday, a new adventure in mobile fueling

Working as a mobile fueling driver is a constant learning experience. Unlike bulk fuel deliveries, mobile fueling requires strict attention to detail in an everchanging environment – new streets, new cars, and new obstacles. Safety always comes first, ensuring care of those around us, but teamwork is a close second.

Our drivers work hand-in-hand with our dispatching team to navigate the advanced logistics and routing required to fill hundreds of vehicles every single day – from Vancouver, to Surrey, and beyond. The day starts with a truck fill-up, filling our trucks with quality gasoline or diesel, before hitting the road with a fresh route developed using fuelsrv’s one-of-a-kind, internally-developed routing system that integrates real-time vehicle data with advanced route optimization.

Drivers and dispatchers are constantly working together to overcome everchanging traffic conditions, environments, and customer needs. No two days are the same, and our amazing team members do an incredible job of pleasing our customers each day while maintaining an admirable, positive attitude. Our team is our greatest asset.????

We can always make room for enthusiastic, positive team members with a willingness to learn, so we encourage anyone with a knack for growth and innovation to reach out via our Contact form.

Thank you to our wonderful customers who fulfill us every week, and cheers to a more efficient future with no-stress fueling.⛽