Fuel Case Study: Car Share Company

To enhance consumer convenience, Vancouver’s primary car-sharing initiative aimed to alleviate the responsibility of refueling from its users. Introducing FuelSrv, we supply fuel to more than 2,300 vehicles citywide. Our integrated logistics system ensures seamless operations, with 2-5 fueling trucks active for 12-16 hours daily, guaranteeing constant fleet fuel availability.


  • The company has a free-floating car share program of 2,000 – 2,400 cars located throughout Vancouver
  • Each car moves numerous times per day
  • They did not wish to burden consumers with refueling the cars so required a solution that ensured the cars always have sufficient fuel


  • FuelSrv worked with the company to use their telematics to create a comprehensive logistics platform that prioritizes vehicles based on proximity to each fueling truck, current fuel levels, and clustering of vehicles


  • FuelSrv has completed over 200,000 fuelings over 3 years of the successful partnership
  • Custom built logistics platform
  • Daily communication with the operations team to ensure alignment at all times
  • 2-5 fueling trucks operating 12-16 hours a day to adjust to seasonality
  • Smaller fueling units allow FuelSrv to access almost any location a car is located