Fueling Case Study: Building Supplies

We know unified fueling is tricky when you have various owners and operators. We have a solution – we can create a custom buying group to ensure all owners and operators get access to preferred pricing, reduced admin, and still collect credit card points for their fuel purchase.

Here is a specific example of how we addressed a local Building Supply fueling challenge with our custom solutions!


  • Fleet of 25-35 crane trucks across three locations
  • The majority of their fleet was owner-operators running anywhere from 1-3 trucks each
  • Each Owner Operator was responsible for their own fueling


  • FuelSrv established a buying group, that allowed owner-operators to access prices below gas stations or cardlocks
  • FuelSrv set up delivery 3 evenings a week to ensure that trucks were always full and drivers never needed to worry about fueling up


  • Vastly reduced cost of fuel for all Owner Operators
  • Improved efficiency for Building Supply company by drivers never needing to stop for fuel, at no cost to them
  • No additional administration as all invoices were sent out separately
  • Owner-operators were still able to collect points on their credit cards