Fueling Case Study: Recycling Company

Our custom fueling solution was able to save this local Recycling company over 1.5 hours in down time per unit/per week. Sometimes you need a custom fueling schedule that fits with your unqiue industry and how your employees work best. We often find efficiencies in this area, which enables time and money savings!


  • The company has a fleet of 10-15 disposal trucks between two locations
  • Drivers were travelling off their route to fuel up at a cardlock 3 times a week, an average of 1.5 hours in down time per unit weekly


  • FuelSrv worked with the company to determine a fueling schedule where all trucks would be parked at their sites and would ensure all units are always fueled and ready to go for the shift


  • Significant increase in employee and asset utilization
  • Price per litre was more competitive than cardlock
  • Eliminated risk of fuel theft
  • All unit’s fuel and fueling costs tracked, allowing for improved budgeting and analysis


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